“Rainbow” by Melina Tsoleridou / Μελίνα Τσολερίδου –  10 years old – Koufalia Thessaloniki Greece 

— One of the children’s illustrations accompanying the short story 

“At the Edge of the Rainbow” by Evniki Saatsaki. Featuring in our Little Sparks of Joy book.

There is a rainbow way up high

Sometimes you see it before it goes by

Magical moments for many to see

Giving you hope if you just believe! 

So chase those rainbows

Never give up

Storms will come and they will go

The sun will shine and then you will know

You are stronger than you realized

Making it through today

Many more challenges may come your way

Look for that rainbow every single day

You will handle the storms

The challenges, the fight

Loving Life is worth it! 

Now lead others toward the light

— by KC Gloer (USA)

If you wish to connect with voices of children, young adults’ and elders’ from all over the world through their “RAINBOW Letters” we’re delighted to bring to you this colourful book “Little Sparks of Joy: Messages across the globe Igniting Love Hope Unity Joy” as an eBook Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

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