Get Creative! 

Share these R A I N B O W Letters and keep writing your own.

Make your voices heard; Ignite Little Sparks of Joy.


A RAINBOW Letter is open to interpretation. It can be a poem, spoken word, a performance, a drawing, an artwork, a song, a dance. What creative form gives expression to what you want to say? 


Can you organise a letter-writing or reading event in your workplace, school or community where you can present your RAINBOW Letter to spark conversation between people?


We are gathering your messages, visions and dreams for a better world and making sure they are seen and heard.

In writing and sharing these RAINBOW Letters with others, new conversations and new possibilities can emerge. 

Share it on social media using #RainbowLetterstoMotherEarth @rainbowletterstomotherearth  

Let this book be something you can fall back onto, whenever your SOUL needs nourishment and to tap into sources of hope, joy and inspiration.

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