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Little Sparks of Joy is a cornucopia of colourful inspiration, gratitude and wisdom through “RAINBOW Letters” in the form of conscious stories, poems and artwork from across the globe.

With contributors from as young as seven years old, right through to elders from all walks of life, through the book we allow our voices to be heard, our stories to be felt and our artistic expression to be seen, as we weave words, colour, rhythm and art into one great symphony, joyfully orchestrated.

Little Sparks of Joy is created in association with and in support of the RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth Project, an international movement founded by ChriSOULa Sirigou whose mission and vision is children’s and youth engagement and to unite us all in harmony for the betterment of life on our planet.

This book is an invitation for each one of us to come together and be Little Sparks of Joy. Together we can create a ripple effect across the Universe, sending waves of United Joy.

Let us raise the vibration of our beautiful Mother Earth from Fear to Love and into JOY, in this present moment, because the future is in our hands.



ChriSOULa Sirigou is a writer, teacher, visionary, creative, intuitive numerologist and colour psychologist. All of her creations are dedicated to giving young people and adults an experience of their own unique colours. 

Through her work, ChriSOULa guides us to connect to the RAINBOW Warrior within and to turn our soul’s whispers into inspired action. Her pioneering Wholistic Love educational programmes and 7-Step RAINBOW Method benefit schools and families. 

ChriSOULa’s mission is to weave wonder and creative joy into our relationships and creative expressions on Mother Earth, and to help us unite with compassion and love. 

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Book Reviews

As soon as I opened the book and read the Foreword by the luminous Paul Luftenegger and then was treated to a gallery of magnificent nature photography and sweet drawings and elegant paintings of Mother Earth, and then as I read the touching letters from children as well as adults, I had become mesmerized. And inspired. And impassioned to help our Mother like never before. Little Sparks of Joy is a miraculous gift to humanity right now as our Mother makes clear her pain at the hands of her Children. This book is magnificent and tender and sublime and sweet and all the qualities humanity needs to return to our beloved Mother. Thank you for this magnificence. 

Bruce Cryer, former CEO and co-creator of HeartMath, founder of Renaissance Human

Little Sparks of Joy truly inspires people to make a difference by bringing hope and something valuable to ignite us to change our life and life on Mother Earth for the better. Inspirational, motivational and empowering! 

Ilona Parunakova, Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Founder and CEO of IP Resilience Global Magazine

ChriSOULa has created the most loving space for daring and sharing from our heart, listening to ourselves is a magnificent art. 

The Little Sparks of Joy has even before publication inspired, ignited, and illuminated creativity by children of all ages and in all colours of the Rainbow. Let’s explore what else is possible when we journey onwards – enriched with this magical publication and each contributor’s special message in our hearts.

With love, gratitude and twinkles in my eyes

Lene Nielsen, founder of How Heart Can It Be?

Little Sparks of Joy gives adults & children all over the world the opportunity to express their love through painting and writing beautiful poetry to Mother Earth with the strengths they have inside. So blessed to have an amazing poem written about my 3 therapy horses in your book. A beautiful book full of Peace & Love for one true self and Mother Earth. Thank you ChriSOULa, cherished with love. 

Noreen Roche, Epona Retreat Centre

Little Sparks of Joy is such a heart warming book project led by the amazing golden muse ChriSOULa Sirigou, who has my deepest respect. By uniting children, light workers and artists across the globe she brings hope to the future generation. With so much focus on the current climate crisis, it is important to also bring hope, light and love into play. I honor the contributors and the creators of this little pearl and wish for it to bring joy to the readers. Being part of the “Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth” community is a joy to me and makes me believe that together we can make a difference. Come join us.” 

Bestselling author Gitte Winter Graugaard

Little Sparks of Joy is a really good book with good thoughts beautifully expressed is a truly magical experience. 

Even more amazing is the fact that these thoughts are those experienced and shared by young children. These vivid chapters will open up your mind and melt your heart and bring joy in your life.  Read it in a quiet place with the openness of a child’s heart and be prepared to be amazed. 

You will feel the joy that comes from watching a sparkle in your hand alight and throw out scintillate of sparks at India’s Diwali festival (which is when I read it in Mumbai).

The neurons in my head seemed to buzz and sparkle as a I got to look at so many issues from a child’s point of view. I realized that this goes beyond a child’s or even an adult’s purity of wisdom that can come from the unsullied hearts and out of the mouths of babes. 

Chrisoula Sirigou has done a marvellous job of collating these contributions from kids around the world. Children’s libraries globally should keep a copy so that little visitors can enjoy the diversity of expression from other kids their own age. It will do a great deal for encouraging an openness to other cultures, because wherever they are, the challenges and thoughts of kids run along the same wavelength. 

One hopes for another similar compilation to follow this one.

Payal Irani, Founder and CEO of Bloom Transformations Together