Little Sparks of Joy


Little Sparks of Joy is a cornucopia of colourful inspiration, gratitude and wisdom through “RAINBOW Letters” in the form of conscious stories, poems and artwork from across the globe.

With contributors from as young as seven years old, right through to elders from all walks of life, through the book we allow our voices to be heard, our stories to be felt and our artistic expression to be seen, as we weave words, colour, rhythm and art into one great symphony, joyfully orchestrated.

Little Sparks of Joy is created in association with and in support of the RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth Project, an international movement founded by ChriSOULa Sirigou whose mission and vision is children’s and youth engagement and to unite us all in harmony for the betterment of life on our planet.

This book is an invitation for each one of us to come together and be Little Sparks of Joy. Together we can create a ripple effect across the Universe, sending waves of United Joy.

Let us raise the vibration of our beautiful Mother Earth from Fear to Love and into JOY, in this present moment, because the future is in our hands.



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