Here you’ll find a range of educational toolkits and practical resources to help families, children, young people and anyone navigating waves of uncertainty, loss, grief, anxiety and sadness, whether caused by the unprecedented extremes of the pandemic, or a different type of crisis, transition, shift or change, as we go through life. 

We’re excited to include inspirational tools to support parents, teachers and those who care for children and young people – wholistically – nourishment for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing: 

  • recommendations of books 
  • collection of meditations 
  • music, audio files
  • Podcast interviews, blog articles 
  • video recordings of panel discussions e.g. “Be Kind To Your Mind!
  • guidance and inspiration to find joy through colour therapy and creativity e.g. create your own notebook or start a new hobby like healing through art 
  • “sparks of joy” in the form of tips and techniques to bring into your
    everyday life irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity etc. 
  • Downloadable pdfs below:

To Sleep or not to Sleep: The Benefits of Sleeping Well

and how it helps with our mood and increase levels of joy. Full article by Constance Schaap, Netherlands

Open Eye Reading Meditation:

Use your Mind to find Joy by Elspeth Kerr, Cyprus

Healing Love Tool:

by Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen, Denmark

World Kindness Matters Challenge:

for families and schools Whole School Event Completing Acts of Kindness 

The Hierarchy of Feelings: Aiming for Joy

by ChriSOULa Sirigou

Mountains of Great Ideas Notebook:

by Lene Nielsen – watch the video recording of the “Mountains of Great Ideas” workshop organised by RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth in support of World Mental Health Day in our Facebook page here: or on our RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth YouTube Channel.