Honouring the journey …

How did we get here? 


It’s been just over 2 years since ChriSOULa’s soul called her to make the initial, inspirational clarion call which she’s followed with all her heart ❤️ to bring this book to life. 

Rainbow Warriors and Weavers from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, and USA responded to her FIRST CALLOUT. ? Then, more and more joy bringers and change makers from Cyprus, Canada, Iceland, and Europe, said a big heartfelt YES! to the further callouts and campaigns. 

RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth was born in November 2019 — when ChriSOULa’s original callout to the public took place. This invited children, young people and those who care for them, including elders, teachers and parents alike, to express their hope, enthusiasm, worry or concern about their present and future on Mother Earth.

Key aspects of participation in the project are emotional release, acknowledgement of our part in this world, taking action and sharing inspiration and collaborative intentions with others to nurture belief, oneness and wholeness.

ChriSOULa’s dream

As a young child ChriSOULa dreamt of being either a teacher or a paediatrician, a children’s doctor. Her natural abilities of compassion, empathy and intuition supported her to follow the route of teaching. For the last 30 years ChriSOULa has devoted her life to nurturing and igniting children’s and young people’s sparks through her love of heartfelt communication. 

ChriSOULa’s curiosity and passion for self expression was further ignited and fed through the language and psychology of the Colours of the Rainbow. This led her to become a certified practitioner and teacher specialising in the system of Colour Mirrors and create “Wholistic Love” emotional awareness and resilience development programmes, for parents and teachers through the lens of the Colours of the RAINBOW.

ChriSOULa has dedicated her life to understanding the power of emotions and the impact they have on our perception of who we are and our relationships with our families and others. She has also focused on how if bottled up, emotions can fundamentally affect our wellbeing.

ChriSOULa has also written in magazines and broadcasted shows on the radio.

She believes:

  • The way we treat Mother Earth mirrors the way we treat ourselves
  • The way we treat ourselves mirrors the level of love we’ve received from our parents
  • The way our parents treat us mirrors how their parents were shown how to express themselves or indeed if they weren’t shown at all. 

Through RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth, we acknowledge that

… it’s time to break the chain 

… it’s time to acknowledge that children, young people and elders have got a voice 

… it’s time to treat our own feelings and emotions as our priority and to be true to who we are and share that through the “rainbow letters” through words, music, art, lyrics, sound, poetry… 

… it’s time to let our inner child be heard and felt 

The process of collecting these letters was affected by the unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic that hit across the globe at the start of 2020. As a result, the whole project was shaped and has evolved in response to the world’s need to press pause but equally take inspired action whilst communicating uplifting messages of appreciation, compassion, gratitude and joy through poetry, storytelling and artwork from all over the globe. 

 This project has developed through online gatherings in the form of summits and festivals in support of 

World Book Day

World Environment Day   

World Earth Day

World Mental Health Week

World Kindness Day

And more …

Our Callouts and community events have also been shared in our community Facebook group Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth. 

This has allowed us to lighten up even when we were navigating emotionally heavy, dark waves of grief, sadness, anger and anxiety. Or, whilst we were mourning the passing of loved ones, loss of jobs and the loss of freedom that we experienced as we approached Christmas under the second Covid-19 lockdown which was imposed nationally and globally. 

We’re deeply grateful for your trust, faith and belief in our mission and vision of the RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth project which has evolved into an international movement and the creation of a colourful international anthology book. 

Treasure these last 20-minutes of every day! 

As part of our educational support, we recommend as a best practice routine that parents, grandparents and carers treasure the last 20-minutes of every day with their little ones. During these precious moments Little Sparks of Joy can help you connect more deeply with your children providing wonderful material for bedtime reading. 

It can also be of benefit to adults enabling them to do inner child work, to create space for harmony with their inner world, connect with the wonder of nature and the magic of the rainbows.

Remember we “the elders” set the tone for our children.

Your tone of voice will be what they remember in their heads. You become their inner critic. 

Let’s raise kids who don’t need therapy to heal from their childhoods.

We’re living in urgent times due to the unconscious ways we’ve been living and the unsustainable harm we’ve been causing the planet. We are also living in a time of mass-awakening and spiritual illumination. It’s clear that something needs to shift if Mother Earth is to be a place that humanity can continue to call home. 

We believe that we are being urged to remember who we are, our place in the Universe as a whole, and the part we are being called to play in this great metamorphosis on planet Earth. 

We believe that we come into this life with a spark! 

That spark reaches out and invites another spark to shine its light bright and create its own ripples of light. The more sparks we ignite, the more light we co-create which leads to more opportunities to face our fears, challenges and anxieties with courage, and to trust in the power of light. 

Little Sparks of JOY is described as “a miraculous gift to humanity right now.” 

It is a wonderful gift to support schools and families, parents and grandparents and to enable them to enjoy precious moments and connect with their children/grandchildren through the book’s conscious stories, poems and artwork from across the globe. 


The “Little Sparks of Joy” is to be shared with readers of all ages, nature lovers and with the whole world as we’re still navigating waves of anxiety, worry, tension and fear about the next phases of the pandemic, climate change, outer environment and our inner emotional environment. 

Colourful, playful, ecological and spiritual …

Little Sparks of Joy is AVAILABLE to purchase on AMAZON as an Ebook Kindle and Paperback. 

Those of you based in the UK, also have the option to buy a copy signed by ChriSOULa Sirigou online and have it sent directly to your home address.

“Share light, Shine bright!” 

— ChriSOULa’s motto