We’re delighted to have received this piece of artwork from this talented teenager and it’s our full intention to continue sharing children’s and young adults’ work expressing their dreams, their vision and hope for united joy, harmony and love on Mother Earth.

Mackenzie Lumley, from Texas, USA, created this work of heART when she was 15.

It expresses her awareness that we each have a hand in co-creating a world that shows signs of peace and love.

This is what she saw as clear as black and white, Signs of Peace & Love are everywhere.

We each can be a part of a better world as we each give one another a hand each time the opportunity to do so arises.

If you wish to connect with voices of children, young adults’ and elders’ from all over the world through their “RAINBOW Letters” we’re delighted to bring to you this colourful book “Little Sparks of Joy: Messages across the globe Igniting Love Hope Unity Joy” as an eBook Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

All profits go towards ongoing creative campaigning to build and sustain bridges of love, compassion, kindness and togetherness on our Mother Earth.

If you wish to know how your RAINBOW Letter to Mother Earth can be part of our future campaigns and book publications, please get in touch with us by email to share@rainbowletterstomotherearth.com

Updates and more information including educational resources and toolkits for children, young people and communities are available on our website and on our Facebook page.

We are inviting mindful, conscious and engaging ways to tell this new collective story.

It calls on every single one of us, and it starts right here, with your RAINBOW Letter to Mother Earth.